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Keywords search

Keywords search

"Keywords" are specific words or phrases that are used to search for resumes/jobs. A search looks for these words in your resume or job posting and if it finds them, and retrieves the desired result.  The more keywords that are used--the more closely the resume or job will match to what you're really looking for. Separate more than one keywords with comma ",".


  • Separate more than one keyword with comma.
  • Keywords are not case sensitive, i.e Visual and vIsual are same.
  • Skip any punctuation marks--period (.), semi-colon (;), colon (:). The search ignores them. 
The following techniques can be chosen from the Search Options:
  • All of These Words. Selecting the all of the words option means that your search will only return results which contain each and every word in your query.
  • Any of These Words. Selecting any of the words means that your search will return results which contain at least one of your search keywords.
  • Exact Phrase. When you ask for this, you're telling the search that this complete set of words has to appear at least once in a resume or job posting in the exact same order you typed them in. With this feature, you don't need to add quotes.

If you want to choose your own criteria for searching you can do it using Boolean expressions like "AND", "OR" or "NOT". e.g "Java and Oracle" means to search for resumes/jobs containing both keywords.

Viewing All the Jobs:
By default, leaving the keyword field blank and clicking the search button will return all jobs in the database. If you have entered any keywords, then the results will be reduced accordingly.