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BayCareers, Inc. offers next generation of tools and solutions  for employers, recruiters and candidates. Revoluntionary  methodologies and solutions reduce the overhead, streamlines  the processes, allows complete control of workflow and reduces the hiring cycle time. Coupled with complete online management &  archiving system, BayCareers, Inc. solutions are indispensible  tools for hiring managers for any size business.

For job seeker candidates, BayCareers, Inc. offers enhanced  flexibility, ease of use, online management, online research, and ability to selectively control exposure of their resume. A professional human resources specialist is automatically  assigned for review of resume against open positions at no charge. Every, candidate is guaranteed personal attention and  satisfaction.


BayCareers, Inc. making use of internet technologies, has made its solutions available in global market. Anyone who has a job or anyone who is hiring should stop by at BayCareers, Inc..


Founded in 1998, BayCareers, Inc. offers free basic services, leveling the playing field for everyone. Employers, recruiters  and candidates register for free to manage their own 'folders',  add, edit, create, remove, extend and change control filters on  the fly.


  • Bay Systems Consulting, Inc
  • Staffing Associates
  • Headway Solutions


Those affiliated with the following a receive $25 credit on signup.
If signup with account other than official domain, send us an email on sales@baycareers.com

  1. California Institute of Technology
  2. Ohio Wesleyan University
  3. University of Massachusetts
  4. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  5. NASA Ames Research Center
  6. Quantum Corporation
  7. Philips Semiconductors
  8. Philips Lighting
  9. Pace Engineering
  10. Headway Solutions
  11. MIT

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  • Coates Accountancy
  • Law Offices of Joseph Boyle
  • Law Offices of Skinner, Sutton, Watson & Rounds
  • Sutton Law Center, P.C.
  • Melissa Leigh
  • Model Select, Florida

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